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Artforce, formerly For the Love of Learning, offers free, full-time programming to youth at the drop-in center in St. John’s.
All our programs were developed in consultation with youth and experts in art, education, and the health sector.
The three pillars of our programming are:
  • A safe and inclusive environment 
  • A place of creativity and fun 
  • Where everyone is challenged to grow
Artforce’s work has resulted in the publishing of multiple anthologies of creative writing and youth newspapers, multiple professional art exhibits, theatrical productions with cross-provincial tours, documentary films, production of CDs of music and spoken word, and countless other initiatives. Artforce also offers arts-based career training, mental health and wellness initiatives, and peer-to-peer support.
Discover more about our programs by clicking the name of the program below.

Artforce offers classes and workshops in a number of artistic areas including photography, drawing, painting, textiles, pottery and ceramics, with emphasis on the history, traditions of Newfoundland.

We offer these classes and workshops at our drop-in centre on Cookstown Road in St. John’s. 


Our classes and workshops are taught by local artists and contractual employees and teach young artists critical thinking, inclusion and awareness, with a focus on healthy self-expression. Each year Artforce hosts an annual art show paring youth artists with the work of prominent local artists like the late Gerry Squires. All profits from the sale of art goes to the youth artists.

These young artists have also helped develop our annual Christmas Card fundraiser during the fall and winter. Each card features a painting by one of our artists and sell through local retailers with all profits going to the youth artists. 


To sign up for a class get in touch.

Artforce offers film camps and classes, teaching all areas of film and television production from storyboarding and scripting, to camera operation, editing and post-production with an emphasis on the history, traditions of Newfoundland.


Our classes and workshops are taught by local filmmakers and contractual employees and teach young filmmakers about creative thinking, different kinds of communication, and empowers healthy self-expression.

Together we have produced nine short films (two animated), which have been featured at the the Nickel and Women’s International Film Festivals, as well as thousands of viewings on YouTube.


We offer workshops in the fall and winter under the direction of our executive director and in partnership with leading local film companies.


To sign up for a class get in touch.

Artforce offers classes and workshops in all aspects of theatre, from casting and rehearsal to production, performance, and stage management. 


Our classes and workshops have resulted in high-quality, province-wide tours of various theatrical events including transVersing in partnership with Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland, which has also been published as a local anthology.

We have launched seven plays, all written, designed and performed by youth at Artforce. Each production has played to full houses and drawn participation from notable local theatre artists such as Andy Jones, Agnes Walsh, Greg Malone, Berni Stapleton, and Robert Chafe.

Workshops are offered through the fall and winter, and to sign up for a class get in touch.

Artforce offers mentorship and skills development to help youth find employment, additional education, and success through one-on-one case assessments, resume building, computer skills, and an annual career training expo.

Artforce provides these year-round opportunities to those overcoming social and economic barriers through partnerships with schools, businesses, and other youth serving organizations.

Our drop-in learning center provides an atmosphere of respect, individuality and unconditional positive regard in an alternative education program, facilitated by experienced professionals.

Get in touch with Artforce to find out more about workshops in computer skills, resume writing, and more, or to find out more about our annual Arts Career Training (A.C.T.) expo or career shadowing.

Artforce provides an open and inclusive place to meet and connect with peers in formal and non-formal peer-to-peer networks.

Youth at Artforce lead presentations, learn self-awareness and self-care, connect with other youth, and build lifelong sustainable networks of mentors and friends. The programming is available throughout Newfoundland and Labrador through youth-serving organizations, schools, businesses, and onsite at the drop-in centre on Cookstown Road in St. John’s. 

To find out more about getting involved with peer support, get in touch with Artforce.

Artforce offers instruction and encouragement for young writers across the province. Our classes and workshops are held at our drop-in centre on Cookstown Road in St. John’s and provide help with idea generation, character development, dialogue, imagery, and editing. 

Artforce has published seven books of writing, art and photography, and one cookbook created by participants and in collaboration with Breakwater Books and Running The Goat Press. Each enjoyed a public launch, and media attention and tells the stories of youth experience in Newfoundland and Labrador.

These classes and workshops offer youth skills in literacy, public speaking, critical thought, and pride in healthy self-expression and are taught by local authors and contractual employees.

Workshops are offered year round, and to sign up for a class get in touch.