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Get Involved

Lend a Helping Hand

There are a number of ways to help Artforce to successfully help the young people in our community, and one of the most important ways is to give of your time or expertise.


Do you have time to give? Looking for an organization who really needs dedicated and skilled volunteers? Artforce wants to hear from you. 

Whether you have skills in teaching, IT, mentoring, finances, board governance, or anything at all and would like to share your skills, we’d be happy to meet and see where you fit!

If you have time to give, get in touch with Artforce to find out about our needs and where you can make the most impact.


Artforce frequently looks for teachers and mentors with various skills to work with youth involved in our programming. Teachers can provide invaluable guidance to the youth we work with and they’re a key component in our programming. Teaching positions at Artforce can be paid or unpaid, depending on the position. Talk to our Executive Director Gemma Hickey about how you can get involved with teaching.

Find out more about the programs we offer and how you can work with us and our youth, get in touch with us.

Become a Board/Committee Member

Artforce has a volunteer board of directors who commit a few hours a month to the administration of the organization. Our volunteer committees are led by a board member and are needed to ensure our annual initiatives move forward smoothly and efficiently. 

If you have some time to commit to the board of directors or a committee, get in touch and start helping youth right in your community.